We Partner you with your production. We are independent, we are not owned by any manufacturing or companies needing us to be constantly feeding their needs. This means we have the flexibility to use resources from any area, using our supplier knowledge to fulfil what you need, when you need it.

We are a small but nimble team, hungry to serve. Service is what we provide and as your Production Partner we don’t just wait for your enquiry. If we have an idea or product we know fits your brand or needs we will present it to you.

Lee Shaw

Lee Shaw

I originally hail from the North of England. A tradesman from a family of printers, I developed an inspired interest in paper engineering at the age of 15. After realising ‘folded paper’ can be more than my hobby but can also be a commercial product this inspiration evolved to what I do today.

From the shop floor I travelled and developed within the industry from roles of Sales manager in the UK to a publishing studio manager in France.

Arriving in New Zealand in 2003 for the second time I settled with my Dutch girlfriend and two boys and worked for what is todays largest print Group in New Zealand.

In 2008 I needed to do much more and Production Partners was established to readily accept all the challenges the rest of industry push aside. Using all my print experience helped me see the way through for all my clients every day print requirements, but being open to accept the tricky jobs got me ‘in the door’ and opportunities arose to show certain clients what I could do. My thirst for technology and innovation led to the introduction of epaper and electroluminescence products and this thirst has continued to grow with new innovations and interests ever since.

Today at Production Partners every day is different. We still manage lots of every day print requirements but the challenging enquiries are constantly arriving and keep me thinking and enthusiastic. New Zealand is oozing with innovation and I love being a part of it in anyway I can.

Mike Herrick

Mike Herrick

A born and bred Aucklander. I started out as a Graphic Designer working my way across various sized agencies through NZ and in London.

I found a love for the technical in my career via packaging design. The visual design soon gave way to the technical design and I shifted from Graphic to Structural Design across packaging, point of sale and pretty much anything that can be cut and folded. This comes from an insatiable interest to discover how things work. My desire for more aesthetic ways to present concepts to clients led me to learn 3D software. This means I can visually conceptualise an idea to a highly accurate level quickly. Therefore skipping out days of prototyping and graphical guesswork.

My interest in how things work means I am constantly experimenting with new technologies and classic techniques. I have a keen interest in woodworking and I’m a bit of a plant nut.
If I’m not at work I’ll be either under the house in my workshop making something or hanging out with my wife, daughter & pug.

Heidi McClure

Heidi McClure

I have worked in the mailshop/print industry for approx 10 years. I have always enjoyed the variety of work that comes with working with agencies, no day is the same. At Production Partners I focus mainly on the admin side of things, from quoting to keeping the boys in line. So if you ever need me to give them a gentle nudge or hurry up don’t hesitate to contact me, that’s what I’m here for.

Olivia Duthie

Olivia Duthie as the newest member of the Production Partners dream team. Liv brings with her a wealth of knowledge and a honed set of skills from her years in the print production and advertising industries. As Account Director, Liv will be working across the Production Partners and Malcove businesses, ensuring we deliver on what we promise to our clients.