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  • Kiwi-2

    Tiniki Kiwi shelf

    So as part of a shop fit out we are working on we prototyped this Shelving concept ..    …Tis BIG so it is!  
  • 3D

    3D Printer

    So, latest addition to the innovative products at Production Partners.  3D printing, heres a few initial attempts.  
  • Lee testing out the Google Glasses

    Google Glass + Innovation weekend

    Innovation weekend. So Mike and I 'Googled" a good innovative couple of days in Christchurch. Meeting with a Google Glass developer, also tested Epson Moverio Glasses and much more, great trip!
  • LED table lights

    LED Table Lights

    This one came off really well... The brief started off as an "ice cube" but after we mentioned LED with etched clear acrylic... well it was a no brainer. Love it...
  • vented window envelope

    Vented ‘Window reveal’ DM

    Tourism NZ via their creative agency 'The Hatchery' needed a 'reveal product' that showed a transformation of imagery for an invitation. This product perfectly fitted the requirements.
  • Telecom flipper

    Pride in Print awards 2012

    We had a good run last year to make a total of 5 Gold awards (over 5 years in business) with 3 innovative products. Telecom flipper This is a favourite of our using the flipper pages. When you pull the slider the 5 tabs flip open. Nobody can resist operating this 2 or 3 times.... Read more »
  • Pop up cube

    Pop up cubes, Direct mail, and more

    I LOVE MY JOB ( sometimes) So we get asked for all kinds of Pop ups and creative Direct Mail ideas the cube is a never ending favourite And then we make the whole paper thing interactive as per this puppy... And sometimes i brag about it as per this other puppy ... Another day... Read more »
  • Petals Cupcake packaging

    Petal Cup Cakes Packaging

    Still one of my favourites ... The Brief was: My packaging will be my advertising so it has to be my ambassador, make it look sexy please We pretty much nailed it (even if i say so myself)