Epaper and EL

For over 5 years now we have been promoting and supplying epaper and               electroluminescence products. These products are all Asian sourced and are predominantly aimed at retail and promotional products. There are ‘for and against” advantages, disadvantages for both products, hence why we have both products and not just one.


This product uses electronic ink and works off battery power. This product is one of the lowest power consumption products available and generally 2 x AA             batteries is all that is needed for up to 8 months constant activity. The electronic ink provides the ‘motion’ behind a printed graphic and we predetermine the ‘flash’ sequence prior to production using gif files which we generate or you can provide. This product is great in direct sunlight but its not visible at night time.


This product is the more economic of the two products and is more suitable for outdoor or large format in door display. This needs an A/C power source to           operate and is a far better product at night time and far less noticeable in day light.



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