Environmental packaging

Environmental Packaging

We are independent of any single manufacturing or process, this means that we can pull in resources and materials from as far as our knowledge and contacts reach.

Currently when it comes to packaging, the current available alternatives are not the solution, it is a compromise. Today’s manufacturing and lack of waste management infrastructure do not cater for a complete environmental solution.

Packaging Options

Enquiries, specific to environmental packaging are definitely on the increase and consumers are becoming aware of ‘other’ materials and products and are asking for them. However, packaging has to tick a lot of boxes:

  • Functional (weight and protection need to be considered)
  • Aesthetically appealing – And on Brand
  • Able to be manufactured in volume
  • Sometimes needs to be stackable
  • Stand up to Warehousing and Transport (carbon footprints)
  • Finally, the right price

Taking all the above into consideration and then in addition to this, we have to make the packaging with an eco material and process – the creative juices and knowledge really have to kick in.

With our knowledge and resources of what is out there, we have the best opportunity to give you the best outcome.

Below is a letter form one of the local corrugated board suppliers.

Corrugated FSC letter (62kb)