Point of Sale

Your products need to be presented with innovation and impact. The point of which the sale occurs has a 3 second window to grab your consumer’s attention and to stand out amongst the competition. Pointing your sale in the right direction is where we once again get passionate in delivering the right presentation for your product.

Because we are independent we are not restricted to materials or subjected to limitations of any single supplier. We can add on products such LED lighting, add movement or even sound. There are no limitations to your product when using an independent with a large pallet of materials and ideas.

To date we have designed and produced units using materials such as: Twin    cushion, eflute, Xanita board, Acrylic, Wood, ACM. Using processes such as: CNC or laser cutting, diecutting or fabricating with plastic extrusion or vacuum forming. This is where we are different with no restrictions in production.