Product Development

We have all now realised that the new industrial revolution is now on a much smaller scale for production. No longer do you need to seek large investors or large-scale production to get your end product out there. Today’s production tools can make your vision a reality. The internet today is alive with products seeking crowd sourcing. All you need is a good working prototype.

From your brief we will partner with you and we will propose materials and           processes to produce your product. There is no limitation to materials; wood,     plastic, metal not just card or paper. There could be Laser cutting, CNC,                   Fabrication, Vacuum forming or even plastic extrusion and of course 3D printing

There may be an element of lighting, electricity or even technology. We have at some point probably already produced something using these materials or          processes. If not we will investigate whatever and who ever it takes to make the best product – As your production partners.

The usual process goes something along the lines of – We will scamp up a few drawings then take it to 3D visuals all the tie talking to suppliers about materials or processes to ensure we can fit time and budget requirements as well as product.