Promotional Storage & logistics

We have collaborated with Storage & Logistics company Malcove.

THE UNIQUE OFFER HERE is Assembly. Not only is you Point of Sale despatched. Supported with our own bespoke AP we install using our own nationwide assemblers to make sure it is on brief and give you LIVE pictures and reporting on sight during installation .. ASK more about this service

Malcove has been an industry leader in Promotional Print/Campaign Logistics and Distribution for almost three decades. They are proudly New Zealand owned and take pride in their dynamic approach to business. But what does that mean exactly?

Their approach is simple. Along with Production Partners we work collectively so that we become a part of your business. Because when we work together, driven by your goals – we are more effective at delivering for you.

From the top down, we are actively seeking to help grow your business through our unrivalled understanding of the market and through investment of the best people and innovative technology.

Along with Malcove we can offer you an unrivalled Point of Sale an Distribution/Warehousing package, but we feel our most important service is allowing you to further grow your business without any logistical constraint.Working together to drive efficiencies, simplify processes and provide complete transparency of all your stock. We are for a better business outcome.